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Schedule TT&E Access Database Repair

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Schedule TT&E Access Database Repair

The multi-user version of Timeless Time & Expense uses Microsoft Access as one of its database choices.  Access is a file-based database.  As such it is susceptible to corruption when database connections are lost.  Database connections can be lost for a number of reasons.  A client or server machine being shutdown or rebooted unexpectedly, or even poor network hardware can cause a loss of connection.  Microsoft has some recommendations for reducing corruption in Access databases.  You can read them here.

How Timeless Time & Expense reduces corruption
Starting with version 1.40.06 of Timeless Time & Expense, it is even easier to keep your database in good condition.  Starting with this version, Timeless Time & Expense will automatically disconnect from the database after one hour.  This means a short time after normal working hours are complete, you can be sure no users will be logged into the database.  The database can easily be compressed and repaired without requesting all users to log off.  Additionally, version 1.0.02 of the database repair utility can be executed from the command line or scheduled using the windows scheduler.  And because you know users will be logged out, you can backup your database using your existing backup software after the database compression and repair.  Meaning you will be backing up a good database each night.  Note - this utility will not repair all Access databases, only those used by Timeless Time & Expense.

Scheduling Database Compact and Repair
First, install the database repair utility.  Ideally, this would be run on the machine hosting the database, but it can be run from any machine with access to the Database Path.  Next create a new task in the Windows Task Scheduler.  Enter "C:\Program Files\Timeless Time and Expense Multiuser\RepairTTE.exe" "<DatabasePath>\Timeless.tmd" in the Run line.  It you have Power Saving enabled, be sure to check "Wake the computer to run this task" on the settings tab.

Changing the disconnect setting
With very unpredictable network conditions, you may still have corruption.  To reduce the occurrence of corruption, you can reduce the time before Timeless Time & Expense disconnects from the database. This is not configurable from within TT&E, it is only configurable from a registry setting.  This setting is a DWORD value called DisconnectDelay under the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MAG Softwrx\Timeless Time & Expense Multiuser\Database.  DisconnectDelay is the number of seconds of inactivity before the connection to the database is closed.  We do not recommend this setting be less than 60 seconds.  You can download a sample registry file that sets the disconnect delay to 5 minutes here.

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