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Timeless 3.0 manual web installaton

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Timeless 3.0 manual web installaton

If you are installing on an ISP hosted server, see this article.

This article applies to both Timeless Time & Expense 3.0 web and Timeless Project Tracking 3.0 Web.

In some cases you may need to install Timeless 3.0 Web manually.  One possible case is installing Timeless 3.0 Web in its own website, instead of in a virtual directory.  To do so, follow these steps.

Install ASP.NET AJAX 1.0.  Download and install ASP.NET AJAX 1.0.

Create or update your Timeless.  Download and run the standard installation for Timeless Time & Expense 3.0 web or Timeless Project Tracking 3.0 Web.  De-select the Web Interface component.  Select or de-select the database components as needed. 

Installing the web application on your server.  On your web server, create a virtual directory or website where you will place the web application.  Download and unzip the Timeless Time & Expense 3.0 web or Timeless Project Tracking 3.0 Web to a this directory.

Configure the web application.  Edit the web.config file to point to your database server by updating the following keys in the <appSettings> section.  Replace the values with your settings.
<add key="databaseLocation" value="your.database.server"/>

Updating the web application.  When you need to install the latest release, just download and unzip the web appliction to the website directory, except the web.config file.

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