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Install Timeless 3.0 on a hosted web server

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Install Timeless 3.0 on a hosted web server

Even if you do not have an internal web server to use for time tracking, you may be able to use your shared hosting plan through your current internet service provider.

When installing a web application on a shared host at your internet service provider, you won't have access to the server or permissions to run an installation.  You also will not have the access required to create user account on your SQL Server database.  In a hosted scenario, Timeless Time & Expense Enterprise Web can be installed manually.  If you are installing on your own server, you should use the Timeless 3.0 web installation - it will automatically setup Timeless 3.0 Web.

Verify your web host meets the requirements.  You must have ASP.Net 2.0, ASP.Net Ajax 1.0 and SQL Server 2000, MSDE 2000, SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server Express 2005.  You must also have the ability to create an application root for the Timeless Time & Expense Enterprise Web application.

Create the database schema on your database server.  Download and run the utility to create a hosted Timeless Time & Expense database.  You will run this utility locally connecting to your hosted database server.  To run the utility you will need the name or IP address of your database server, the database name and the user id and password provided by your ISP to access the database server.  If the you cancel the script or it fails, all changes will be rolled back.

Upload the Timeless Time & Expense web application to your server.  Download and unzip the web application to a local directory.  On your web server, create a directory where you will place the Timeless Time & Expense web application.  Upload the the web application from your local directory to the web directory.

Configure Timeless Time & Expense Enterprise web.  Edit the web.config file to point to your hosted database server by adding the following keys in the <appSettings> section.  Replace the values with your settings.
<add key="databaseLocation" value="your.database.server"/>
add key="database" value="databasename"/>
add key="databaseUid" value="userid"/>
add key="databasePwd" value="password"/>

Create the web application.  How this is accomplished is dependent on your hosting plan.  If you do not know how to do this, you should contact your internet service provider for details.

Error reporting.  If you are having difficulty getting Timeless Time & Expense running on your hosted server, you will not have access to the server event logs and by default, you will only see a standard error page when an error occurs.  To display the errors to the browser, change the following line in your web.config file.  Be sure to reset it back to RemoteOnly when your are finished.
<customErrors mode="False" defaultRedirect="Error.htm"/>

Updating the web application.  When you need to install the latest release, just download and unzip the web application to a local directory again.  Upload all files except the web.config file.

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