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Convert 3.0 Access DB to SQL Server or MSDE

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Convert 3.0 Access DB to SQL Server or MSDE

As your business grows you will want more users to track their time and expenses on more projects.  As the demand increases, you may find the multi-user Access database is not performing as well as you would like.  Access is limited in its ability to support a high number of users.  SQL Server or MSDE can support more users. 

To convert your Access Timeless Time & Expense database to SQL Server or MSDE, you must first create a SQL Server Timeless database as specified in this article

Next, run the Convert 3.0 Access DB to SQL Server or MSDE utility.  You must have already upgraded your access database to version 3.x to use this utility. 

After creating the databse, you should not run Timeless Time & Expense or Timeless Project Tracking before running the conversion. 

Finally, use the File | Open menu item in Timeless to select the new database type and location.

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